Synodic Sconce

Nightlight brings mankind in touch with the mysteries of space and the farther reaches of the universe. The moon, traditionally our principal source of nightlight, can evoke strong emotions- from fear and terror to peace and calm.

The celestial movements of earth, sun, and moon govern the lunar or synodic month, with the familiar shifting moon phases.

Synodic Sconce is a representation of these moon phases and an expression of this beguiling celestial dance. Twenty eight blown glass globes are arranged in a vertical arcing pathway over Black Galaxy Granite. The broncite scales within the granite glitter like the night sky. The glass globes, internally illuminated with LED bulbs, are hand painted black to evoke the gradual waxing and waning of the moon cycle. Mirror polished stainless steel borders the sconce.

Resonant with cosmic mystery, Synodic Sconce is familiar and enchanting, an illuminated sculptural light source and object of contemplation.


Hand blown glass bulbs, granite, mirror polished stainless steel, LED bulbs.


68” tall x 6” wide x 2” deep.