Artist Statement

I aim to explore and express, powerful, graceful, and dynamic forms and forces through highly sculptural furniture, and lighting. The vision and mission of the studio is the design and fabrication of iconic handcrafted, bespoke, furniture, and lighting, with daring forms and unique material experimentation across multiple mediums.

An artist must see beyond ordinary conventional reality. Art is seeking, exploring, extracting, and expressing the essence of existence and its sublime beauty. 
I am drawn to creating handmade, sculpturally evocative forms utilizing natural materials that express dynamic movement and forces.”

I am particularly interested in exploring the ways in which nature can reflect and amplify our own spiritual journey. Through my work, I hope to create an opportunity for contemplation and reflection, allowing viewers to connect with their own inner landscape and find meaning i the world around them.

Ultimately, my goal is to create art that speaks to the deepest parts of ourselves, inviting viewers to connect with their own inner sense of beauty, power, and purpose.

Neal Aronowitz

Born and raised amidst the vibrant energy of Brooklyn, New York, Neal Aronowitz embarked on a journey of artistic exploration that led him to the intersection of art, architecture, and photography. As he delved into the rich world of creativity, he expanded his horizons, immersing himself in the captivating realms of sculpture, metalwork, glassmaking, woodworking, and multimedia sculpture.

Aronowitz studied art and architecture at City University of NY and Massachusetts College of Art exploring the disciplines of metalwork, glassmaking, woodworking, ceramics, photography, and multimedia sculpture.
After honing his skills and embracing a self-education as an artist, he sought to breathe life into the pages of decade worth of sketchbooks filled with furniture and sculpture designs. In a pivotal moment, Aronowitz established his design studio, in the artistic haven of Portland, Oregon, where his passion for crafting sculptural furniture and lighting took center stage.

The culmination of Aronowitz’s artistic evolution arrived with the unveiling of the debut of the Concrete Whorl Console, during the illustrious Portland Design Week. A daring fusion of creativity and innovation, this groundbreaking sculpture emerged from a single sheet of Concrete Canvas—a revolutionary material previously unexplored in the realm of furniture design. Its captivating presence resonated worldwide, capturing the hearts of critics and enthusiasts alike. The Whorl Console became the recipient of prestigious accolades, including the Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year award and the esteemed title of Best Furniture at the World International News in London.

Such was the impact of this artistic breakthrough that a documentary titled “How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps chronicled the creation of the Whorl Console. Garnering acclaim and recognition, this inspiring short documentary earned the esteemed distinction of Best Short Documentary across film festivals gracing three continents.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to innovation, Aronowitz’s design studio continues to fashion bespoke pieces that captivate designers and collectors worldwide. Known for their quiet luxury and minimalist, serene-inspired aesthetic his creations infuse spaces with unrivaled beauty, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Los Angles – New York – Miami – Paris – London – Mexico – Dubai – Singapore