Whorl console

Award Winning Sculptural Lighting and Furniture

“It’s an incredible achievement what he’s done. The studies, the enthusiasm and persistence in following his ideas. It’s a very nice product – I’d like to have one like this.” – Ingo Maurer, designer

“What I find most compelling about your furniture is the way that you have succeeded in expressing the boundaries and the character of the material in furniture, and this is actually what makes design – good design.”– Daniella Ohad, writer and design critic

Enso Table

Made from concrete canvas and polished aluminum, the Enso Table draws inspiration from the disciplined creative practice of Japanese ink painting.

The ensō represents creativity and uninhibited freedom of expression as well as absolute enlightenment, strength, and elegance.

One wields the brush in a single swift, fluid, expressive stroke.

Once drawn, one does not change it. The character of its creation in a brief, moment of time is expressed.


Whorl Console

Concrete Canvas is a ground-breaking new material that allows concrete to be used in entirely new ways. Essentially it is concrete cloth on a roll.

The design possibilities for this new material are tantalizing and ripe for exploration.

The utilization of Concrete Canvas to sculpture and furniture design has only just begun to be explored.

As a table of this type has never been manufactured or produced before, new casting and forming techniques had to be designed and developed.

The Whorl series is a minimalist concept that explores the unique structural properties of this material to express a light, fluid, lyrical form in contrast to the dense and heavy associations that we have with concrete.


Star Axis Table

Star Axis Console in Polished Concrete

Simple, elegant, elemental.

Available as a side table and a coffee table.

Also available in polished concrete and black steel, powder polished aluminum and brass.

Custom colors available.


Viva Table

The inspiration for the Viva Table comes from the power, simplicity, and elegance of the triangle.
This is an ongoing project exploring the dynamics of balance, weight, gravity, mass, and how this dynamic is expressed utilizing various materials.

A powerful minimalist gem. This Maple Hardwood coffee table has an oiled finish

Can be made in various wood species, glass and stone.