Enso Table

The Enso Table draws inspiration from the disciplined creative practice of Japanese ink painting.

The ensō represents creativity and uninhibited freedom of expression as well as absolute enlightenment, strength, and elegance.

One wields the brush in a single swift, fluid, expressive stroke.

Once drawn, one does not change it. The character of its creation in a brief, moment of time is expressed.

A wall fastened console, The Enso Table was conceived in a single fluid spontaneous gesture of ink on paper and then translated to this form made of concrete canvas and polished aluminum.

The lightness and strength of concrete canvas makes it an ideal material to express the qualities embodied in the practice of enso.

The next evolution in the concrete canvas series.


Concrete Canvas, Polished aluminum, Cement Mortar, Cement Pigments.

Custom colors available.


66” long x 17” wide x 32” high

Open Edition

Allow 12-14 weeks