Whorl Dining Table

The Whorl Dining Table is an exhilarating evolution of a design classic, born from the innovative spirit of Concrete Canvas. Building upon the minimalist elegance of the Whorl Console, this dining table introduces a captivating twist with a hardwood top, blending organic warmth with industrial flair. Like its predecessor, it defies convention with its light, fluid form, challenging perceptions of concrete as heavy and unwieldy. Crafted through cutting-edge casting and forming techniques, this table is a testament to design ingenuity. Its surface, adorned with pigmented cement mortar brought to a lustrous polish, marries aesthetic beauty with structural functionality, inviting gatherings and conversation around its striking silhouette.

Concrete Canvas, Cement mortar, Cement pigments, Maple.
Custom cement colors and other wood species are available.

96” long x 48” wide x 31” high- standard size. Dimensions can be customized.